Sacramento - Things to Do In the City

Due to the vast number of trees found on the city streets, both commercial and residential, the city of Sacramento is now being considered the City of Trees.
With the city’s environmentally-friendly atmosphere, people, both young and old will surely enjoy their daily activities, both indoor and outdoor. There’s just nothing like taking a walk in the park in the early mornings or afternoons and getting a dose of fresh air while being relaxed by the symphony of trees that greet your every move.

The city of Sacramento is not only famous for its gold, trees and parks, but also a great place to enjoy authentic city life, be it shopping, fine dining, nightlife and other related activities. In order to really experience what Sacramento is all about, one must take part in the city’s yearly events such as the Jazz Jubilee, which takes places every summer. This hot event not only tickles the interests of the locals, but also the tourists as well, in fact it is easy to notice hundreds of thousands of people gather up in the streets just to be part of the event.

Another event not to be missed in Sacramento is the Music Circus, which is a traditional festival that is sure to provide tourists an idea on what the local beat is all about. This event is held every July and is now on its 50th year. Fans of Broadway musicals can also get their money’s worth by taking part in the Sacramento Music Circus.
The Blue Diamond Growers is a souvenir and novelty shop well-known for their delectable almond souvenirs, as well as other goods that is truly Sacramento.
If you are interested about the way former President Ronald Reagan wanted his wine served, then your next destination will be Berkley Fine Wines. The store is owned and managed by Mr. David Berkley, who previously served as the former president’s wine custodian.

There are a lot more things to do and places to see in Sacramento, and it is only your imagination (or your pocketbook) that will set the limit to your itinerary. Whatever you do here, one thing is for sure: you won’t leave Sacramento empty handed – be it in the form of souvenirs or memories that you will certainly treasure for the rest of your life.