Sacramento Condos

Condos in Sacramento at Villages of the Galleria - Tuscan Style Resort Living

For individuals looking for a place of residence that is truly one of a kind, there is The Villages of Galleria waiting for you, one near Sacramento and one in Roseville, California. As the condominium market trend in Sacramento increasingly becomes more and more favourable, Roseville is able to provide its residents with easy access to numerous job opportunities, reputable universities, as well as the capacity to reside and work in a brand new condominium unit and housing development. Since there has been significant growth in the overall population of Sacramento (with numbers going beyond 400,000), more and more home and condominium owners desire to enhance their quality of life in one of the surrounding areas in Sacramento. Through The Villages of the Galleria, this need is filled. Its condominiums range from 1 to 3 bedroom units with a variety of floor plans that is sure to fit different lifestyles, and best part is, all units are really competitively priced.

In the city of Sacramento, residents have long enjoyed numerous professional sporting teams, historical culture, fun outdoor and recreational activities, as well as multiple job sector opportunities. It was in this city, which is considered the first charter city of California, where the gold rush had all began the Pony Express, as well as the first continental railways. The city has been labelled by Newsweek Magazine as one of the 10 best cities in the United States, mainly due to the bloom of parks and tourist attractions. It is very easily accessible too – it just takes a few minutes to get the main city from the American and Sacramento Rivers. All these factors and more have helped the condominium and housing industry to flourish all over Sacramento and even opened new doors for new communities. Roseville has served as the culmination of these real estate projects and goes on to become an extension of the condo and housing industry in Sacramento. Only by visiting The Villages of The Galleria will you be able to appreciate the true beauty of Roseville condo living with a touch of authentic class and elegance in a resort style ambiance.

Also, with the very favorable trends in the condo and housing industry in Roseville, California, many first-time home owners were able to afford their own condo units. This has also been the case even with repeat home buyers as well as investors. Roseville is now very well-known as the state’s hub for Placer County culture, recreation and arts. With Roseville’s many famous landmarks such as Carnegie Museum, Magic Circle Theater, Woodcreek Golf Courses, Tower Theater, Diamond Oaks and The Galleria Mall, it is definitely not unusual to notice the growing demand for new condo and housing units as the days go by.

One of the many unique attributes of Roseville is that it is still able to maintain the quality of life which is very uncommon in very populated urban areas, all while growing as a community. With Roseville’s population estimated to be around 25% of Sacramento, the city manages to get hold of big city payoffs while still keeping small city lifestyles. The city is also one of the places where there is a very low unemployment rate – with Roseville being able to provide 74,610 jobs in the year 2005 to a workforce of 49,700.